Cake Pops

I’ve seen cake pops rise in popularity in magazines and online and decided to try them out.The silicone mould, bought online was just over £3 (they can be as much as £12) and used a ginger cake mix for the first batch.

cake pops
cake pops

Tip number one:

Grease the mould just right. Not enough and the pops stick – as in the photo above. Too much oil and the pops are greasy. I used margarine, but spray oil would work too.

I topped them with icing and orange and lemon sprinkles (hundreds and thousands in the UK), golden stars and dust and chocolate popping candy (from Heston’s range).

sprinkles, gold stars and popping candy toppings
sprinkles, gold stars and popping candy toppings

My second batch were much more successful. I used a chocolate cake recipe and then dipped them in melted chocolate. The toppings were the same as the ginger pops.

Tip two:

The packaging says to bake the pops for 20 minutes. This is way too long and the first batch of ginger pops was dry. The trick is to get the balance between pops that are firm and will hold together and pops that taste good. 12 minutes is just about right.

The conclusion is that these pops are largely style over substance. But then sometimes that is what is required. Oh, and lots of lovely friends to eat them while watching the Eurovision Song Contest.


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