Glass & the Environment

I’ve just signed up for my next session of glass fusing classes and was having a look at supplementing my stash for all the forthcoming projects.

Glass Studio Supplies (who sell Bullseye glass) are now discontinuing the production of glass with cadmium and arsenic, for environmental reasons. The Bullseye company say:

“We just learned of a recent report from Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). In 2015, the DEQ performed air monitoring tests in a parking lot near Bullseye Glass. On February 1, 2016, staff from the DEQ shared some test results with Bullseye. It was newly discovered that there were higher levels of arsenic and cadmium in the parking lot than in some other areas of the city. Additional samples were taken from different sites, but all the analysis for these other locations is not complete yet.

We have engaged an environmental consulting firm to help us evaluate the data and conduct further testing and monitoring. Based on what we learn, although we are in full compliance with our air permit, Bullseye will take additional action based on any new findings that show corrective action is warranted.

While the DEQ has not required any action on our part, we decided to take action on our own, and  suspended the use of cadmium and arsenic”.

An early piece
An early piece

What surprised me is that this involves about 46 glass colours. But good on them for taking environmental action. Full details here.

Right, I’m off to reassess my glass buying!


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