Eco friendly chalet

For a few days last weekend, I stayed in one of the Ocean View Chalets, in Ballycastle. It was described as eco friendly. Intrigued by this sales patter on Trip Advisor, (and informed by a doctorate in sustainability) I wondered – what’s eco about it? The website doesn’t explain but a talk with the agent Causeway Coast Rentals revealed that there was wind power on the mountain behind the group of chalets. It is remarkably silent, especially as the chalet is very well insulated. Which also means that if the heating has to go on, it is very efficient.

On arrival there was also an electric car charger for use (free of charge), although I didn’t have an electric car. I had rented a olde worlde petrol car. The chalet is also halfway up a hill, so unless you can carry your bags up a (very) steep road, about a mile from the nearest bus stop – a car is required.


The chalet is beautiful. The master bedroom with on suite is the whole of the mezzanine floor and very luxurious. The building is designed to sleep 6 so I felt a bit indulgent, staying in such a large space alone. Floor to ceiling windows in the living area framed the view over the town and out past Rathlin Island to the peaks of Scotland. Thing is – and these are minor complaints – when you book top of the range accommodation, certain things are expected as normal, not extras.

For example, while the kitchen was well stocked with cooking utensils and dishes, there was no way of making coffee. At all. Morning-fail.


And there were no bin liners, so when I arrived in the evening I had to store the rubbish on the windowsill until next day when I bought 2 plastic carrier bags (one for rubbish, one for recycling). Double-Fail – eco and clean

There was more clean-fail. There were no dishwasher tablets or washing up liquid provided. In other apartments and cottages I’ve stayed in, these have been supplied as standard. So, I had to buy a bottle of washing up liquid, hand wash the dishes and then give the washing up liquid away. There was also no hairdryer.


So, while the chalet was beautiful and in some ways very well stocked, it was awkward because there was no mention of having to bring these items with me.

Would I stay again? Yes, but I’d bring an extra suitcase with all the basics!






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