Ecobuild 2013

I spent an enjoyable day at Ecobuild today. It is always interesting and I go every year. Every year is slightly different. Impressions are that green infrastructure is growing! The number of stands selling and informing about greenroofs and green walls has grown from last year. This also seems to be reflected in the seminars… Continue reading Ecobuild 2013

Roof Garden in London

I visited the roof garden at the Brunei Gallery building recently. The gallery is attached to the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). See last blog post. Probably not the best time of year to visit the garden, it was interesting nevertheless. Way above the London streets it was quiet and empty.  It was

AAA 2012 San Francisco

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) meeting was in San Francisco this year. It was held at the Hilton Hotel and attended by over 7000. Someone suggested that there were 6,700 people in total giving talks, chairing or discussing, so that’s not including the folk who were ‘just’ attending. Last year, in Montreal, I went to… Continue reading AAA 2012 San Francisco

Green roof for a giant

I have been watching the development of the visitor’s centre at the Giant’s Causeway on the North Antrim Coast, near my home town of Ballycastle for the past year or more and now it is completed. I visited recently, just after it opened. It’s sustainability credentials are impressive. The building has already been credited as… Continue reading Green roof for a giant

Green roofs, gold and silk

The Materials, Society and Design group in the anthropology department at UCL held a panel presentation session at the recent Royal Anthropological Institute yearly conference at the weekend. I am not part of that group, but submitted an abstract and was accepted, so joined them for the afternoon at the British Museum. UCL is developing… Continue reading Green roofs, gold and silk

Swimming in data

Well, the participant observation is done and most of the interviewees interviewed, although there are still a few people to ‘catch’ in my net of inquisitiveness. This means that the time has come – and I’ve almost been dreading it – to read all my notes and documents, look at the photos I’ve taken and… Continue reading Swimming in data

From Rooftops to the High Court!

I certainly did not think, when I started fieldwork, that my fieldsite would be office meeting rooms, exhibitions, rooftops, people’s kitchens, numerous cafes, Chelsea Flower Show, my living room and the High Court. This has been fascinating and I certainly never thought I’d end up in the High Court! This presents several challenges for the… Continue reading From Rooftops to the High Court!