Glass & the Environment

I’ve just signed up for my next session of glass fusing classes and was having a look at supplementing my stash for all the forthcoming projects. Glass Studio Supplies (who sell Bullseye glass) are now discontinuing the production of glass with cadmium and arsenic, for environmental reasons. The Bullseye company say: “We just learned of… Continue reading Glass & the Environment

Sustainability – the problem of cups

Climate change is “a condition under which human beings will have to make choices about such matters as economic development and the way we govern ourselves” ⁠(Rayner 2009:xxii). One of the ways people have responded to climate change is by becoming more sustainable. But, as we know, it is not always clear what sustainability is.… Continue reading Sustainability – the problem of cups

Sustainability and the Home Front(ier): Between governmentality and embodied environmentalism?

In August, I’m chairing a panel which looks very exciting indeed. If you are interested in sustainability and are in London, come along. The panel has been convened by the Sustainability, Environment and Culture of Materials Research Group at UCL – and mainly through the hard work of Saffron Woodcraft. Sustainability and the Home Front(ier):… Continue reading Sustainability and the Home Front(ier): Between governmentality and embodied environmentalism?

Spring Planting

Now that spring has sprung, my plants are starting to thrive. This year I’m planting three types of tomatoes: 3 standard size plants in a grow-bag, some miniature/dwarf plants which produce cherry tomatoes and a couple of hanging tomato plants. Underneath the miniature plants I have planted some spreading basil. This is my new variety… Continue reading Spring Planting

Reduced Carbon Cooking: The B’goven

The b’goven (big oven) is my version of the hay box. It is filled with polystyrene beads and cooks a pot of food slowly over several hours without any heat source. The instructions below are for a huge b’goven. This is because my husband, Bruce wants to buy a larger cast iron pot so I… Continue reading Reduced Carbon Cooking: The B’goven

Ecobuild 2013

I spent an enjoyable day at Ecobuild today. It is always interesting and I go every year. Every year is slightly different. Impressions are that green infrastructure is growing! The number of stands selling and informing about greenroofs and green walls has grown from last year. This also seems to be reflected in the seminars… Continue reading Ecobuild 2013

The Shard

The Shard is one impressive building.  It is part of London’s drive to see whether a vertical city can be a sustainable city. Set across the river from St. Paul’s Cathedral and designed by Renzo Piano, it is just far away to legally mock the St Paul’s heights rule, by stretching up into the clouds.… Continue reading The Shard