2016 Garden

I spent a lovey morning in the garden (aka balcony) sorting out my plants. everything is growing very well so far this year, including the tomatoes (below). The new addition this year is squash. I have not grown squash before and am trying some dwarf plants meant for containers. They have grown very strongly, very quickly and are… Continue reading 2016 Garden

Eco friendly chalet

For a few days last weekend, I stayed in one of the Ocean View Chalets, in Ballycastle. It was described as eco friendly. Intrigued by this sales patter on Trip Advisor, (and informed by a doctorate in sustainability) I wondered – what’s eco about it? The website doesn’t explain but a talk with the agent Causeway Coast Rentals revealed that there was… Continue reading Eco friendly chalet

Tour of Turner

Yesterday we went to see the Turner Collection at Tate Britain. This was my first visit and it is certainly impressive. I came away with lots of new ‘favourite paintings’. One of the friends we went with, Themis, is a London Blue Badge Guide and she was practicing her “Turner Tour” which she has been… Continue reading Tour of Turner

Glass & the Environment

I’ve just signed up for my next session of glass fusing classes and was having a look at supplementing my stash for all the forthcoming projects. Glass Studio Supplies (who sell Bullseye glass) are now discontinuing the production of glass with cadmium and arsenic, for environmental reasons. The Bullseye company say: “We just learned of… Continue reading Glass & the Environment

An Indigenous Feminist’s take on the Ontological Turn: ‘ontology’ is just another word for colonialism

Originally posted on Urbane Adventurer: Amiskwacî:
Personal paradigm shifts have a way of sneaking up on you. It started, innocently enough, with a trip to Edinburgh to see the great Latour discuss his latest work in February 2013. I was giddy with excitement: a talk by the Great Latour. Live and in colour! In his…

Cake Pops

I’ve seen cake pops rise in popularity in magazines and online and decided to try them out.The silicone mould, bought online was just over £3 (they can be as much as £12) and used a ginger cake mix for the first batch. Tip number one: Grease the mould just right. Not enough and the pops… Continue reading Cake Pops

Spring Planting

Now that spring has sprung, my plants are starting to thrive. This year I’m planting three types of tomatoes: 3 standard size plants in a grow-bag, some miniature/dwarf plants which produce cherry tomatoes and a couple of hanging tomato plants. Underneath the miniature plants I have planted some spreading basil. This is my new variety… Continue reading Spring Planting