Very Busy

A very busy few days. First of all, an anthropology seminar by Webb Keane, then dinner with John and Bruce off Tottenham Court Road (thanks for treating us John) and today listening to the shortlisted candidates for the new post at University College London Material and Visual Culture Department. Pie now and then off out… Continue reading Very Busy

Website of the week

This is a wonderful discovery.  “London Profiler” I’ve been exploring all sorts of London statistics, which, when presented in graphic form are very easy to deal with and its a more interesting way to think about things. Like the usual Google maps, it gives a choice of maps, satellite and hybrid. And of course, I’m… Continue reading Website of the week

The Leg

I’ve never really been a big football fan, but this week I realised I was thinking about one footballer’s leg way too much. Not the man, not the team, not even the pair of legs, but the leg. Wayne Rooney’s leg. It’s been all over the news and even I could not escape the coverage.… Continue reading The Leg

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!