How many captains? All of them!

We had a brilliant 3 days at the Destination Star Trek London event at the Excel Centre. The event was huge with lots of actors from all the TV series there. One highlight was the Captains talk with all five on stage. The host was John Barrowman – Captain Jack Harkness – he was terrific… Continue reading How many captains? All of them!

Smart Meters

We’re buying a smart meter! Lots of items get called smart meters. But the one I’m talking about is a device which monitors electricity usage within the house. The small box sits on a counter top and displays the details. The variety of smart meters varies and I took quite a time to decide on… Continue reading Smart Meters


My web page is now linked from the anthropology department. I’m perhaps a little more excited than I feel I should be.

The Leg

I’ve never really been a big football fan, but this week I realised I was thinking about one footballer’s leg way too much. Not the man, not the team, not even the pair of legs, but the leg. Wayne Rooney’s leg. It’s been all over the news and even I could not escape the coverage.… Continue reading The Leg