2016 Garden

I spent a lovey morning in the garden (aka balcony) sorting out my plants. everything is growing very well so far this year, including the tomatoes (below). The new addition this year is squash. I have not grown squash before and am trying some dwarf plants meant for containers. They have grown very strongly, very quickly and are… Continue reading 2016 Garden

Master Chef this isn’t

Lots of writing to do this afternoon, so I made chutney. I call it thinking time. I haven’t made chutney before and normally when a new recipe is required I reach instinctively for Delia. But, as she is presently neatly boxed away in a warehouse in America (that’ll be news to her) I picked out… Continue reading Master Chef this isn’t

The end of the week

At the end of one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a long time, there are five things I know: There was no luck involved in cutting down the tomato plants one day before the first frost hit. There was close attention to the weather forecasts. All the red tomatoes are in the fridge,… Continue reading The end of the week


With all this good weather my plants are coming on a treat. We had yogurt dip yesterday with our own mint and coriander / cilantro. I’ve banked the earth up on the potatoes and Bruce up up a hinge so that we are able to house the two sage and one parsley plant over the… Continue reading Gardening